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Children’s Dentistry: 

Family-oriented Dental Services with a focus on Prevention

Children's Dentist Central Hong Kong

At our clinic, we believe good oral health should be attainable for patients of all ages, adults and children. Dr Adrian Ho offers dentistry to children, as well as adults, in a calm, relaxed environment. We understand the absolute importance of providing a pleasant dental experience, and we want to play a part in delivering positive dental health messages as your child grows up.

The Pillars of Prevention

With dental decay, we aim to catch it early and treat it promptly. But decay is an avoidable problem - here at our practice, we believe the best solution is to prevent it happening in the first place. Aside from focusing on what is happening inside the mouth, we try to find out about any habits and factors that put your child at greater risk of decay and other dental issues.

Pediatric dentist HK Central

Take away positive dental health advice, and a few goodies as well!

Fissure Sealants

The biting surfaces of back teeth have grooves which lead into tiny crevices - these can be hard to reach and clean. Food and bacteria is easily trapped in these areas, leading to dental decay. An important preventive treatment are Fissure Sealants - a plastic coating painted on permanently to the surfaces of back teeth. They reduce the risk of bacteria entering the tiny crevices to cause decay. In children with a high risk of dental decay, we recommend fissure sealants are placed on the permanent molars as soon as they come through to help keep these priceless teeth healthy!

Fissure Sealant HK Dentist
Protect baby teeth HK Dentist

Book an appointment today

Conveniently located in Central Hong Kong, arrange an appointment to see Dr Ho during the school holidays, or after the school run! Please give the practice a call on +852 2989 6121 to speak with our helpful staff — or get in touch through Whatsapp on +852 5991 2986. Email us, at, and will provide you with a prompt and informative reply.

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