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Dental Crown Service in Central Hong Kong

Dental crown

This procedure involves putting a cap or casing over the top of your tooth to provide a range of benefits for oral health, function and cosmetic purposes. Once applied and secured in place, a dental crown covers the entire visible surface of the tooth and can be used on top of heavily restored teeth or implants.


Benefits of a crown

Crowns can be applied for a number of reasons in adults, including:

  • Restoration of a worn or broken tooth

  • Securing of a bridge or implant

  • Protection of a weak tooth from further damage caused by impact or decay

  • To cover a discoloured or misshaped tooth, or for any other cosmetic purpose

  • To fill and support gaps caused by missing or heavily damage teeth

Put your care in our hands

Dr Adrian Ho offers a dental crown service in Central Hong Kong in addition to general check-ups, teeth whitening, implants, veneers, emergency treatment and other treatments. With a Bachelor in Dental Surgery from Newcastle University and experience working in both clinic and hospital jobs in the UK, Dr Ho aims to provide the treatment that is most appropriate for you. Patients of any age or background are warmly welcomed for treatment, with services available for Cantonese, English, Japanese and Putonghua speakers.

For whatever oral treatment you wish to enquire about, please get in touch to arrange a time for a consultation. If you need emergency treatment, contact us as soon as you can and we will organise treatment ASAP.

Book with us today

To schedule a consultation with Dr Ho, please call the practice , on +852 2989 6121, or contact us through WhatsApp, on +852 5991 2986. If you have any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to send an email to and you will receive a prompt response.

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