GALLERY - Before & After Dental Treatment

Before and after images from a selection of Dr Ho’s cases:

Full ceramic implant crown

These materials are indicated when colour and translucency are absolutely critical to the final aesthetic result.

Crowns and bridges on implants and teeth

In cases of widespread tooth loss, a combination of crowns and bridges, on teeth and implants, may be used to restore the patient’s function and aesthetics. Here, a collapsed bite was brought back to a situation of stability.

Tooth-coloured fillings and implant crowns

Implants can be used to improve the aesthetics of lost front teeth. Here, tooth-coloured fillings have also been used to create natural teeth dimensions.

Implant crowns

Where teeth have been lost, implants are a possible option to restore biting function.

Crowns are indicated to protect teeth that have been weakened, e.g. from cracks, large existing fillings or previous root canal treatment.

This case illustrates an upper premolar tooth crown and lower molar implant crown.

Tooth crowns


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